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My Cavalier King Charles

Site Design / jQuery /
HTML & CSS Development

As a fellow dog owner myself, I was thrilled to work on a web site fully devoted to connecting people who share the same love for dogs as I do. My Cavalier King Charles gives CKC Spaniel owners the opportunity to share their own stories about life, love, and the family they create with their four-legged companions. I incorporated eye-catching photographs and a jQuery slider to give users easy access to the prominent sections of the web site. - Home Page

Connection Of People

Site Design / HTML & CSS Development

Connection Of People looks to explore the bond between humans and the planet Earth. It educates its members about organic foods, environmental issues and near-meta-physical topics of history and mythology. To communicate the idea of us being interconnected with our environment and other living amimals, I utilized a large, custom-made header graphic that blends symbols with digital artwork to create a captivating image that intrigues viewers to learn more about the web site. - Home Page - Logo - Section Title

Grammy Ruth

Site Design / Logo /
HTML & CSS Development follows the life of an 80+ year old grandmother residing in sunny California. By sharing personal life stories in her blog, Ruth aims to help fellow grandparents in her web community deal with everyday issues from ideas for grandkid activities to life as a senior citizen. The goal of the site was to create an inviting atmosphere while using items directly related to Ruth, herself. I used her real-life family photographs and a suitable character illustration from Kyle Bastian, to bring to life this fun and educational web community for grandparents around the world. - Home Page - Logo

Baseball And Cards

Site Design / Logo / Flash /
HTML & CSS Development

Promising to help the baseball enthusiasts of the world, offers up a premiere web destination for everything baseball card and memorabilia related. The site uses colors and textures from an actual baseball field to simulate an environment which any memorabilia collector could appreciate. I implemented another character illustration from Kyle Bastian in the site’s footer, which compliments the overall theme quite well.

Nouveau Riche - Home Page
Nouveau Riche - College Locations
Nouveau Riche - Advisor Bio

Nouveau Riche
(site redesign)

Site Design / Flash /
HTML & CSS Development

Nouveau Riche is an educational company dedicated to empowering everyday people with the resources to become real estate investors. The goal of the site’s redesign was to appeal to families and individuals, there by informing them that successful real estate investment can be achieved by anyone with the proper education. I chose to use warm colors and photos of multi-ethnic people on the site to communicate the company’s multi-cultural community of Advisors, Educators and Students. The site was designed in 2004, and helped Nouveau Riche build a substantial community of students during the real estate boom in the U.S. - Logo - Logo - Logo - Logo
TrueVision Media - Logo

Logo Designs

Logo designs for various clients
and blog sites

(a.) My Farm Girl Fare
(b.) Manila Travel News
(c.) Today’s Classic Autos
(d.) Anything For Fish
(e.) True Vision Media

Space Exploration - digital artwork


I’m Dan Arandia.

Currently, I am a web designer and front-end web
developer in Tempe, Arizona. My biggest passion
is to create innovative and user-friendly web designs
for my clients. I’m always prepared to offer the
best work I can, fully utilize my skills and I love
learning new techniques.
I’ve created the work
in my portfolio using Photoshop, Illustrator,
Flash, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

To learn more about what I offer,
please follow this path.